Giselle (the Red Menace)

Ex Pirate Fighter


Giselle is an ex pirate that is trying to be a better person. She was captain the Valkyrie, of one of the most feared vessels, and ruthlessly robbed ships and killed anyone that resisted. She maintained order with her crew by immediately punishing those that disobeyed orders.
Giselle had a younger sister that she financially supported. Part of her rise among the pirates was because she didn’t want her sister to have to do the same. This sister was travelling on a ship, which was then attacked by the Valkyrie. The other crew resisted, so they were all killed, including the sister.

Giselle was absolutely devastated. She could not bring herself to kill the innocents on other ships. Her crew, sensing her weakness, staged a coup. She barely escaped. The new captain kept the name “Red Menace” because it was well known and feared.

Giselle wandered around as a mercenary trying to make peace with her past actions, which is how she wound up with the group. She tries to do the right thing, but fucks up a lot. This means she won’t murder people, but she may bully her way around. Giselle also has a short temper, and after the encounter with the shambling mound, she really hates plant monsters.

Giselle (the Red Menace)

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