Armantius Dupont Valreaux

True son to the head of the Valreux Family, Captain of Ghant's Knights, under the name of Damen.


4th son in the Valreaux family


Showed no apitude for magic, was discarded to be trained by his uncle who is the Head of the House Guard.

Kind, strong, determined to learn despite his inability to use the arcane.

Was treated as a stableboy and lowly soldier by his own family.

Out on a guard patrol of his brother Adrax, protected the vain Adrax from a goblin attack and saved Adraxes life.

His kindness disapointed his father time and time again and sent his son to his first tour out with the country’s army at the age of 13. Armantius came back and discovered strange secrets in a hidden cellar room under the mansion after trying to find his pet hound. He found his oldest brother pinned to a table with a crest by him. his family’s crest that seemed to be old and slightly different.

Armantius read notes and discovered that his Grandfather and father were to use Necromancy to use his brother to their own actions.

Armantius Dupont Valreaux

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